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my current name. Forks In The Road. Travel bloggers can recite this entire speech by memory.  Good luck in your search! Share this: When I was getting ready to launch my travel blog, I had a really tough time picking a name for the blog. The Planeteers which one are you? Nowhere in Particular. M From Brandon at m These are from Brian at Blancette :. Some of them look just like their English counterparts, others are fairly similar, and still, others may be uniquely French. Adélaïde Adelaide Adèle Adela Adrienne Adriana Agathe Agatha Agnès Agnes Aimée Amy "loved" Alexandrie, ( Alix ) Alexandria, (Alex) Alice Alice Amélie Amelia Anaïs Anastasie Anastasia Andrée Andrea Anne Ann Anouk Antoinette Antoinette Arnaude Astrid Audrey Audrey Aurélie Aurore "dawn" Bernadette Brigitte Bridget Capucine "nasturtium". trav fr nîmes  However, it can still apply the our natural world. For the beach lover. Tweet Pray Love, the digital version of famous book/movie. Losing Sight of the Shore How does the saying go? Adrien Adrian Aimé "loved" Alain Alan, Allen Alexandre Alexander Alexis Alfred Alfred Alphonse Alfonso Amaury André Andrew Antoine Anthony Anton Arnaud Arthur Arthur Auguste, Augustin Augustus "noble" Benjamin Benjamin "youngest" Benoît Benedict "blessed" Bernard Bernard Bertrand Bertrand, Bertram Bruno Charles, ( Charlot Charles, (Charlie) Christian. One Big Rock Thats all Earth is right? This list includes more than 100 common French boys names, along with sound files, English equivalents in italics, and "literal meaning in"s if any. Salt of the Earth This sounds a bit Biblical, but thats because it is a Bible phrase. Like Nothing Ive Seen A blog about seeing and experiencing new, exotic adventures. Each City a Rhapsody For the musically inclined. This list includes more than 200 of the most popular French names, along with their pronunciation and English equivalents. Binge Travelers  m is available too, which is a great domain. Showering in the Ocean. This list includes more than 100 common French girls names, along with sound files, English equivalents in italics, and "literal meaning in"s if any. By, thoughtCo, updated June 30, 2017, there are hundreds of common French first names. Bathing in the Ocean, variation of above. Note that hyphenated names are considered a single unit together, they are the person's first name, not a first and a middle. Rooftops and Flipflops. It isnt as important as quality writing, a well-designed site, a good brand, and a lot of content. Redefined Timeline Define the change of pace and scenery in your life. Domain available:. However, when this occurs with a boy name rencontre adulte toulon muri bei bern that ends in é or a pronounced consonant such as l, the male/female distinction is apparent only in spelling, not pronunciation. Traveling Like LeBron Ah ah ahtoo many steps. Less commonly, they are composed of one boy name and one girl name, with the "correct" gender name first, as in Jean-Marie for a boy or Marie-Jacques for a girl. Cats and Dogs Living Together. Ready, Set, Whoa See above. Kevin, Devin, Gavin, Evan, Melvin, etc. Roam Sweet Roam Roam is the new Home (apparently there was a documentary with this title in 1996). When there are are two different spellings on the same line but only one is hyperlinked, the pronunciation for those two spellings is identical. trav fr nîmes

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